Given the variety of tasks that Carl Petersson confronts, we should applaude his courage and determination.[...] M. Petersson presents an excellent control of the artistic performance on each and every layer of the extremely rich texture in the works of Leopold Godowsky, perfectly balancing the proportions between the different tonal planes. It is as if Mr Petersson is a conductor, of a great orchestra and toweres above it, understanding everything that is placed in the score. In the written part of his Ph.D. thesis M. Pettersson expresses his broad intellectual horizons.

Together with the Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra, Carl is scheduled to perform Camille Saint-Saëns most famous composition. Under the direction of the  Polish conductor Jakub Chrenowicz and together with polish pianist Ewa Ksiazek, they will present this, by Camille Saint-Saëns hated - but by the audience loved orchestral work.

Energy, vitality, dedication, precision, enthusiasm. These are just some of the epithets that characterize the Archetti (Orkiestra Kameralna Miasta Jaworzna) orchestra. Now Archetti comes to Sweden and they are bringing Carl Petersson together with opera singer John Hudson from the English National Opera. It will be a real treat for all listeners. A true experience is to be expected in Jaworzno, Ystad, Helsingborg, Ljungby, Kristianstad, Västerås and Lund.

Between February 6 and 10 Carl participates in four concerts in the Swedish "Music Between Feathers" festival. Carl will among other perform J S Bach's F minor concerto with the festival orchestra and a chamber concert with one of the most famous Swedish violiists, Bernt Lysell. On Sunday, February 10, Carl performs a solo recital at the Baptist Church in Hudiksvall.

Carl just returned from a very successful tour in Canada and the United States where he not only performed E. Griegs piano concerto but also held lectures on Godowsky’s music at the University of Nevada and gave a recital at the Steinway Gallery in Reno, presenting music by Beethoven, Godowsky, Peterson-Berger and Liszt.

The internationally active artist Dagmar Glemme and Carl Peterson has recently started a long-term collaboration across the art forms. Dagmar is at this moment, on her way of completing oil paintings based on Leopold Godowskys "Java Suite" and Carl's interpretation of that very piece. It all will be presented at exhibition-concerts in Sweden, Germany and Poland.

In the summer of 2012, Carl Peterson is invited to three international music festivals. The most prestigious is in the Czech Republic where the city Hukvaldy organizes its 19th month-longfestival this summer in memory of it's cities great composer, Leos Janacek. In addition to this festival Carl will  be heard in Cracow, where he is invited to play an evening concert at the Royal Palace of Wawels courtyard and at the castle in Debnie in Poland.

2012 is the German opera composer, Friedrich von Flotow's 200th anniversary. To celebrate this, Carl together with Polish cellist Estera Rajnicka, recorded the "6 Melodien" Flotow wrote together with Jacques Offenbach - which in turn is best known for his operettas. The music, written in Paris by then, two famous composers, is easy-listening as it's best; full of love and life, to be enjoyed by everyone.