Leopold von Loppenskjolds Forunderlige Fantasterier

May 2012 will be most interesting for the theatre going public in Copenhagen when a newly written play will be introduced to the audience. The story about the relation of a small girl and an excentric hero is going to hit the headlines, for sure.

Incidental music to the play is written by four young award winning composers from Scandinavia and Canada, these are; Gordon Wiliamson, Ville Raasakka, Ansgar Beste and Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki. The music enseble will consist of Sofia Kayaya, Anna Sairanen, Carl Petersson and Ying-Hsueh Chen.

Please click on the picture to believe and a link to the trailer is easily found on YouTube.

For more information please contact the leader of the flock, Sofia Kayaya on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit her web page www.sofiakayaya.com